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There are two main types of mohair on the market, Stayfast and Twilfast.
Twilfast is the best you can get and will last many, many years and used by prestige car makers like Bentley and BMW (called Sonnenland in Germany).

Stayfast is the cheaper, thinner alternative, that over time will stretch and sag.

The rear window is made from the same plastic and of the same
thickness as the original and is bonded to the hood, thus eliminating any chance
of leaking around the zip like the original BMW hoods did.

You can choose between a hood with or without relief pockets. When the Z3 first came out, the hood didn't come with relief pockets but after about a year BMW started making them with them in.

The purpose of the pockets is to dissipate the pressure inside the car when the doors are shut. BMW felt if both doors were shut at the same time, then the pressure this would cause inside the car could damage the zip holding the rear window in.



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BLACK or BLUE mohair


without relief pockets 


BLACK or BLUE mohair


with relief pockets



or TAN mohair


with relief pockets





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