Honda S2000

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Honda S2000 
We probably fit more S2000 hoods than anyone else in the North.
Our hoods are made to our own specification using either original twilweave vinyl or the highest quality haartz mohair and come complete with a glass heated rear window.
The original hood and frame had a common wear point, we file down the burr on the frame and our hoods have reinforcement patches which eliminates this problem.

Our hoods will fit ALL S2000 models including those with a plastic window.

Our hoods are manufactured to the highest of standards, with the seams both welded AND stitched for extra strength.

They come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty and our own 12 month warranty to give complete peace of mind. (details on request.)


As part of the service we also:

Clean out the drainage channels.

Clean the rain rail.

Clean, lubricate and polish frame.

Replace elasticated straps.


We believe you cannot get better or cheaper anywhere!


For our mobile service, please see our "contact us" page for details of the area we cover.


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RED mohair..£1280............£1380


 All our S2000 hoods have the glass heated rear window


All prices include VAT.

Highest Quality, Lowest Prices and a Service Second To None. 

0161-456 7634 or 07587 631 886