The Soft Top Shop 

We fit hundreds of MX-5 hoods every year so you can be confident the hoods we fit are the very best available.

As part of the service we:

Remove any rust from the frame then clean, lubricate and polish it. (Please note: To do a thorough job the frame must be removed from the car, most companies leave the frame on the car because it is quicker, this is not good practice).
Clear the drainage channels.
Clean the rain rail.

Replace the hood tension cables.
And if the hood clamps aren't locking we will fix them.

Mazda MX-5 (1989-2005)

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(Will fit ALL MK1 and MK2 MX5 and Eunos models)

 Original equipment vinyl hood with non-original zipped plastic rear window.


This maybe our lowest priced hood, but it is made to the same exacting standards as all our other hoods.
Original specification cabrio vinyl is used, the seams are stitched AND welded for added strength, unlike some of our competitors offerings.
It has a zipped plastic rear window and gutters above the doors to channel the rain away so you don't get soaked getting out of the car.
We feel this hood is the best quality hood you can get for the money.

           Fitted at            Mobile
     our  Workshop      Fitting*




Tan, Blue, Green, Burgundy etc

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(will fit ALL MK1 and MK2 MX5 and Eunos models)
Original equipment vinyl hood with original style zipped plastic window.
This hood is made as close to the original design as possible.


Using only the finest original specification cabrio vinyl, it is manufactured to a very high standard with the original style zipped rear plastic window and double skinned rear section.  
          Fitted at             Mobile 
     our Workshop       Fitting*

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